The Ghosts of Christmas Lists Past


The library staff was asked to lend toys from their childhood for a Christmas display in the case in the Children's department.   Unfortunately, my childhood was so long ago that any toys from that geological era would have to be carefully chipped out of rock by archaeologists armed with pick-axes and brushes.   But the request got me thinking, so--with a memory assist from the Internet--I wrote my Christmas Wish List from 1964.  And--because I’m such a good big brother--it’s one that includes toys from a list my sister might have made.   Depending on your age--this will either bring back a few memories or sound so foreign that it may as well be written in hieroglyphics.

  1. SkilCraft Chemistry Set with Microscope.
  2. Drums!  (Thank you Ringo.)   
  3. An Easy-Bake Oven
  4. Tudor Electronic Vibrating Football Game.
  5. A Frankfort Key necklace from Ellis.
  6. A Schwinn Stingray Bicycle.
  7. Barbie doll with her little sister Skipper and a carrying case and a Barbie and Skipper Deluxe Dream House (that’s how my sister talked.)
  8. Strombecker Slot-Car Race Track.
  9. A Rat Fink plastic figurine.
  10. A Troll Doll
  11. A Creepy Crawler Molding Machine.
  12. Chatty Cathy Doll.
  13. Pink Angora Sweater at Alden’s
  14. A Beatle Wig (Thanks Paul.)
  15. A Design-A-Matic Wood-burning Set.
  16. ID Bracelet (silver, not gold) from Caddell’s.
  17. Aurora Frankenstein Plastic Model Kit.
  18. Vac-U-Form plastic molding machine.
  19. Mattel “Combat” TommyBurst Machine Gun.
  20. Sears Silvertone 6-Transistor Pocket Radio. 

And of course--a BB Gun.

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