The Importance of Board Games for Children

One of my favorite things in the world is board games and many cherished memories from childhood are connected to gaming. My grandfather even created a few of his own! Growing up being challenged in gaming taught me reason, logic, strategy, sportsmanship, cooperation, and many other skills.

Recently, board gaming is experiences a renaissance. More and more are being created and they are constantly improving. The games from my childhood usually pale in comparison to these new ones. However, it really does not matter what you play. Most board games will help. I have listed an article to a Scholastic article on the benefits of board gaming for kids. It also includes a few examples of games they sell too. I would also like to point out a couple of other companies that are producing excellent products for various age groups as well.

HABA is a German company that has been making toys and games for almost 100 years. The products they sell are very high quality and made with age appropriate materials. One of my favorites is Animal Upon Animal. It is a dexterity game that is just as much fun for children as it is for adults. A lot of these games will be used only by adults. Rhino Hero is another good one. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to find too.

Blue Orange Games is a gaming company based out of California and has been around almost 20 years. They too make excellent games with decent quality materials. One of my favorite games ever is Kingdomino. It is a play on regular dominos combined with a brilliant point system. Doodle Quest is also another fun game. These games can be found most places and are fairly cheap as well.

These are just examples though. The important part is to disconnect from the online world for a bit. Or have a bonding experience with your kids or siblings. The kids will be having fun but will also be learning valuable tools for later like self-confidence and focus. You will also create memories that they can take with them.

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