The Last Witness by Clare McFall

Looking for a suspense you won’t want to put down?

This read feels like watching a horror movie, only better. The images depicted are only limited by the Reader’s imagination, which makes the book so much more terrifying!

The Last Witness kicks off with all the classic creepy “movie” elements. You have five teenagers (two girls and three guys) headed for a weekend camping trip in the middle of nowhere. The creepy setting here is so perfect: a secluded beach in Scotland. Add to that, an ancient burial ground (cairn), cell signals are iffy, the car is an old clunker, an unrequited crush, and a creepy campfire story invoking ancient druid spirits. It is not too long into the story when people start going missing. The reader is just waiting to see who will be next, when, and how.

This is a terrifyingly fun and quick read! Highly recommend!

The Last Witness is available Hoopla from FCPL today!

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