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Postcards from Tomorrow: Abstract Artwork by Amy Ward

Amy Ward’s artwork is on display in the Anna & Harlan Hubbard Gallery through October 3, 2020. All are welcome to view the art in person at the Frankfort Library during regular library hours. Can’t get to the library? No problem! Click the image above to view the virtual exhibit. We are so excited to share Amy’s bright and colorful abstract artwork with you! We hope it inspires you. What do you see in the artwork? Does it remind you of anything or anyone? If so, comment below, we would love to hear your thoughts. Amy said these paintings look like futuristic landscapes to her, which inspired the exhibit title, “Postcards from Tomorrow.”

The Frankfort Library is currently open Mon., Wed., Fri., and Sat., 10 a.m.–5 p.m. and Tues., and Thurs., 12–7 p.m. The Hubbard Gallery is located on the second level of the library.

“Punching a Dream” by Amy Ward

About Amy

Amy Ward is a self-taught painter from Indianapolis. From Amy’s website, “These are paintings to interact with. The artwork created is not simple; in fact, there is no end of discoveries to be found in any one painting.  It takes time to grow to love every nuance of every stroke, yet there is an immediate infatuation that will compel a collector to take it home and begin to fall in love.”

Amy is not only a creator but also an organizer. She is a freelance administrator and aids with venue booking, art rotation, networking, public relations, and exhibit/event productions for businesses and artists. Several artists represented by Ward have exhibited at the Frankfort Library over the past few years including Darrell Staggs, David Slivka, Brinton Farrand, Christine Merchent, and Matthew Macklin. Amys’s artwork would be the perfect statement piece in a home office. All of her work is for sale, and a portion of each sale goes to the Friends of the Frankfort Library. So, be sure to stop by the Hubbard gallery in FCPL in September to see Amy’s vibrant abstract artwork that full of texture and life.

Did you enjoy the virtual exhibit? You can view the current gallery by visiting The online gallery is updated roughly every month, so be sure to check back often. Thank you for visiting!

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