Wild Reindeer!

Written by Anne Franke, Children’s Clerk

What would it be like to work with wild reindeer? How does Santa get his reindeer ready to go each Christmas? The children’s book, The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett, tells the story of Teeka and the adventure Santa sends her on. 

Each year, after Christmas, Santa releases the reindeer to roam the arctic. This year, he put Teeka, a young girl, in charge of finding them and helping prepare them. Teeka manages to find them and corral them all back to Winterfarm. The reindeer are stubborn, and Teeka scolds them. She can’t get them to work together to pull the sleigh. After one particular day of yelling at them, the reindeer tangled in each other’s antlers. Teeka realizes she must be patient and kind to the wild reindeer. After apologizing and promising not to yell or scold, the reindeer untangle, and the young girl can get them ready for Santa’s sleigh. 

I love the message in this book, and the illustration is beautiful. Brett uses the borders of the story to catch her overflowing thoughts; in this story, she shows the elves working hard throughout the 25 days of December. They are making watches, birdhouses, stockings, instruments, and more! Find this book under “Anne’s Pick” by the checkout in the Children’s Section!

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