Yoga for kids


In today’s society, we are constantly stimulated by our surroundings. Yoga is a great way to give our minds and our bodies a break from all of that stimulation. Children, especially, can be over-stimulated but for them, they don’t always know how to break away and give themselves the break they need. Yoga can be a great tool for this.

It is never too early, or too late, to start learning Yoga. Here are just a few benefits to starting a yoga routine with your child:

  • Yoga builds strength, flexibility, concentration, and awareness.
  • When children practice yoga they will learn new ways to manage stress and anger.
  • Yoga can help build confidence and self-image.
  • Starting young can set them up for a lifetime of healthy habits and regular practice.
  • Yoga is an outlet they can use to calm their mind when feeling overwhelmed.

Our next Story Time Yoga will be December 29th at 10 am. There are spots still available so sign your child up and get them on the path to a great new habit!

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