Miss Tandra’s Book Review: Catalyst by Sarah Beth Durst

How many of you, as a child, tried keeping a stray animal or rescuing a helpless critter? You bent your parents’ ears about how badly the animal needed you or how you promised you would feed and keep it clean. The excitement grew inside you like a balloon about to pop. You bounced from foot to foot, waiting for either of your parents to say those sweet words of allowance. Only to be told no or be in way over your head and need loads of help. In addition, how many of you as parents have experienced this with your children? The story Catalyst starts like that. This book is about the bond shared between a human and an animal. Miss Zoe is celebrating her birthday when she finds a teeny tiny kitten that appears to be all alone. Unable to walk away from the most adorable thing she had ever laid her eyes on, she sneaks the kitten to her bedroom. It is her birthday after all; she considers the kitten to be a birthday gift to herself. The key word is “sneaks” because Zoe is avoiding negotiations of keeping the kitten permanently, at least until morning. However, a very noticeable change in the kitten makes Zoe even wearier of asking her parents if she can keep it. In fact, Zoe is not sure what to do at all. That is just the beginning of this miraculous family-friendly adventure! It reminds us that change is so scary, but many times, non-optional. It is a journey. You will be blown away by the imagination and creativity. Sarah Durst has created a fun tale of animals, bravery, love, expectations, and acceptance of all for who they truly are. This story is perfect for all ages! You can check this book out at the Frankfort library. You can also place a hold on it at www.myfcpl.org .

Written by: Tandra Filbin

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